Competitive Examinations

SMSMPITR has been taking efforts to prepare the students for central and state competitive examinations. On regular basis, special coaching lectures, seminars, counseling sessions are organized by the experts in this regards.

We facilitate In-Campus Coaching Classes for

  • Civil Services Examination
  • Bank PO Exams
  • Management Entrance Examination
  • Technical Entrance Examination
  • Defense Services
  • Staff selection examination
  • Railway recruitment board Examination
  • Special reference books for competitive exams are being provided to students in central library.
  • Magazines & Journals about competitive exams are being provided to the student for reading in the reading room of central library.
  • National, State & Local newspapers are being provided to the student for reading in the reading room of central library for making them aware about current knowledge.
  • Eminent scholars, succeeded in competitive exams are called for their valuable guidance to promote college students.
  • SMSMPITR totally concern with quality education either in institute or outside world. Now we have MoU with esteemed organization as follows;
  1. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar:

It is an institute for young boys and girls who dream of developing and enriching their personality and character so as to be able to work towards solving the problems confronting the country. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is for those talented and active youngsters, who neither justify poverty nor are broken down because of it; who find nothing wrong in aspiring for riches but insist on honest means to attain them; and who desire to make the country rich along with them and to ensure an equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth.

Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is for those fearless and spirited youth who are neither embarrassed to dream of adventure, and patriotism nor are scared by the failure in making such dreams come true. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is for those modern, meticulous, rebellious, broadminded and carefree youth who reject the caste system totally and who refuse to discriminate on the basis of creed, language or gender. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is for those youth who believe that spiritualism: Adhyatma: not escapist, superstitious, verbose or negative but scientific, rational, action-oriented, positive, joyous and smiling, Adhyatma is the soul of India.

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It is promoted by alumni of the IIMs and IITs, is the largest organization in the field of GATE training, with a presence in more than 50 cities and having trained more than 2,30,000 students since inception. GATEFORUM is the number 1 institute for preparation for GATE Exam. The technical team at GATEFORUM comprises of Post Graduates of IITs, IISc and eminent professors teaching for GATE for a number of years.

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