Admission HOSTEL

Living in the campus is a twin advantage of being located at the location which ensures to be quite conducive for the better learning atmosphere with all amenities as well as having the sense of security. It is the blending of academic and residential life. The hostel facility for boys and girls students is available in separate buildings.The students are provided with almost all required amenities. A special Committee has been organized, involving eminent ladies of the region, to take care of girls at the hostel. The well planned boy’s hostel, accommodates around 300 students while girl’s hostel accommodates around 300 students. They have been provided with mess, communication and Internet facilities.Each room has attached toilet and bathroom.

Girl's Hostel
Boy's Hostel

Hostel Capacity

Hostel Name Capacity Charges (Rupees)
Girl’s Hostel 150 20,000
Boy’s Hostel 200 20,000