Entrepreneurship Wisdom -Collective irresponsibility leads to industry …


Collective irresponsibility leads to industry …

1) First Corona Student: – Corona was first found in Kerala, India. It happened to students who went to Wuhan (China) to study medicine. The first patient was released from Corona, now she is taking the ongoing online classes of the university, she will complete the practical after going back to Wuhan. Earlier we heard that Indian students were going to USA, UK for higher education but now the picture has changed.

2) China No. 1 in the field of education: – China has developed its education sector tremendously. There are 25 to 40 Chinese in the top 500 universities in the world. China ranks first in attracting foreign students to its country. The number of students going to China from India has increased by 300% in the last three years. The reasons for this are good cheap education. MBBS was in 10 lakhs. Engineering and other technical education is well recognized all over the world. Wuhan has become an international learning center.

3) Your education has deteriorated: – We have engineering, B.Ed, MBA colleges are closing down. The reason for this was that the educational institutions were set up with the money earned through corruption. Very sloppy and poor management, useless courses, unsubsidized low quality staff, expensive education, (MBBS fee in India is 40 to 50 lakhs, donation is different). Education is 8 times more expensive than China. Engineering education has reached such a low level that no one even hired him as a peon. Hooligans, corrupt educational institution operators have shown such collective irresponsibility that our education industry is looking to be discredited. Millions of parents’ money was wasted and the lives of students were reduced to ashes. Now Chinese universities will compete with their education emperor and end their game.

4) What opportunities do you have? : After paying lakhs of fees and getting degrees, boys go around unemployed. Parents are in search of a good education, they really care about their children’s careers. You can start courses in your area by taking affiliation of such leading courses. Such an education industry can be started in 15 to 25 lakhs. This creates skills in the children and gives them the opportunity to do jobs, business in the country and abroad.
One lakh per month can be earned by doing such education business.
Skill oriented education is in high demand for less money.
You can’t survive on degree certificate but you can on skill for life.

The man who makes a mistake … The same man who repeats the same mistake … The wise man who learns from another’s mistake … What we call Wisdom. This article series will help you get Wisdom.