In addition to creating a center for women’s empowerment and gender equality, gender equality policies are one of the SMSMPITR priorities across the entire institute and enable specific achievements with the action from all areas. We look at the measures SMSMPITR has been bringing a positive change in mentalities and practices supporting equity among genders within the institute and in our outreach.

 SMSMPITR acknowledges we share certain values and principles, such as equality, inclusion, respect for human dignity, fairness, and justice for all. We also acknowledge the support for a diversity of talent. We renew our commitment in teaching future generations and being a role model. We also commit to counteract to any existing inequalities. 

SMSMPITR, through its proactive faculty, staff, and student programs, will annually look into the following:

  1. Provide staff advisor level/psychologist counselling for students or faculty members
  2. Have regular meetings of anti-ragging/ women and student grievances redressal committees for monitoring and evaluation of gender equality in the institution.
  3. Encourage women students and faculty members to start their startups and thus promote women’s entrepreneurship.
  4. Organize seminars and workshops for students on gender quality analyse the program in terms of representation of gender-sensitive language and introducing a standard of gender-sensitive language in curricula
  5. Organize training about gender equality, preventing all forms of violence (against children, women, domestic violence, incest, and so on) for the stakeholders in the institution.
  6. Continue and strengthen the use of gender-sensitive language in institutional documents, course plans, and other documents.
  7. The development and implementation of all institutional policies (programs and strategies) include a segment of gender equality.
  8. Celebrate the International Women’s Day – the 8th of March
  9. Organize a public awareness campaign through NSS units of RIET about anti-discrimination statute and mechanisms of protection against gender-based discrimination