Green Audit

Resolute to ensure green ambience in the campus, the SMSMPITR initiated a Green Audit. The enterprise involved multiple phases of analysis to deliberate on issues pertaining to environment and its related concerns in the institute campus. The study has been proven effectual and efficacious as it helped prode into the realms that need emendations. The green auditing also embarked on an exhaustive review of the resources available in the campus. The pragmatic solutions and suggestions put forward by the Audit are beneficial and apposite for the institute in its stride towards excellence.

  • Lay down environment management plan and policy which will help creating awareness amongst the stakeholders of institute
  • Implement sustainable development with efficient resource management
  • Cost savings through reduction in resource usage through benchmark
  • Develop the Social and Environmental awareness for the institute and students
  • Enhancement of institute’s profile
  • Enhancement of environmental ethics and values and stewardship towards responsible environment management

The Green Audit Team focused on Material Issues pertaining to institute which have the highest influence on the Green Attributes of the Institute. To evaluate steps taken by institute management towards green campus below material issues are discussed.

  1. Organization Level Efforts
  2. Creation of Awareness
  3. Lighting
  4. Cooling and Ventilation
  5. Operation of Electronic Equipment
  6. Water Management
  7. Water Quality
  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Transportation
  3. Purchasing Practices
  4. Carbon Footprint
  5. Waste Management
  6.  Plantation Details