Problems and solutions to the aftermath of the Corona wreck


 A) Incoming problems / problems
1) Many jobs may go down or payment may decline.
2) Business may get in trouble or your profit may decrease!
3) Getting one job after another can be difficult!
4) What luxury we get today may diminish in the future “at the job” or at home! (Diagnosis will not be available for a while)
5) Any of these
There is nothing wrong with the government!
6) It’s going to have an adverse effect on the world events that happen with Corona!
7) Your Living Standard Can Be Down!
At one time, even a meal could become a bargain!

 B) What should you do?
1) In no case do you need to give up patience, do not be overwhelmed!
2) Don’t be shy about doing any work!
3) Reduce the use of four wheeler, two wheeler and emphasize cycling and walking.
4) Use ironing clothes, cosmetics, soaps, creams, or even reduce it!
5) It may be a chance to live in poverty again!
6) Do not laugh, yell, kill or beat someone on such occasions!
7) Quit arguing, arguing, not talking!
2 Brothers, sisters, sisters, siblings, friends, neighbors all have to help each other, and without that, it will be impossible to live!
9) People of all races need to live more affectionately than ever before!
10) The wedding, the mounge, the tenth, the fourteenth have to be very simple!
11) A simple but simple way to get married, to have fun or to do any similar work in “adulthood”. The reality is, many things just have to be done from house to house!
12) Consumption of electricity must be very drastic!
13) 2 from home
/ 3 Km. The use of any petrol diesel vehicle has to be avoided in order to get the job done, so it will not be affordable!
14) Any new purchase will have to be closed immediately!
15) Agriculture seems to be gaining importance, so farming cannot possibly be sold!
16) The clothes we used to throw around in the past cannot be done now!
17) If you had to do the same with each other’s clothes as a kid, don’t miss out!
C) family conflict

1) When a person gets into financial difficulty that he gets irritated and does not have the patience to speak ….. we all need to be aware of this!
2) Wives should not wear or tear their husbands over financial scarcity!
3) When demanding anything, the husband’s financial situation has to be taken into account!
4) Those who are addicted to something should quit their addiction! In many homes, this is the way to argue!
5) Husbands who say no to their husbands at home or in the office should not complain about wackiness!
6) Children at home should understand all these things!
7) Schools should not offer expensive projects to students!
Projects like Tea Tea, Cutting Vegetables, Slicing Wheat, Slipping Cups, Shrubs, Wiping Pavements, Shaking Parents’ Feet If It Happens …. (This is not to be laughed at)
9) Everyone should have their own relationships, so it makes life easier!
10) Men and women should avoid availing beauty parlor services!
11) Look at how ideological beauty can grow beyond physical beauty!
12) Travel without the least expensive tourism as before!
13) Definitions and places of tourism have to change!
14) Traveling to the Colony in the Colony with a tumbling party or even a tenth party in the field would be considered as tourism!