HVAC Design-Online Course

This Course is prepared for helping the entry level Fresher & Experience Engineers in the field of Air Conditioning Systems: This Course is also useful for person’s who’s dealing in HVAC product. This Course fills the gap between the Theoretical Study & real practical design of HVAC systems. This Course is based upon theoretical & Practical design calculation & deeply focused upon the design of varies components. This Course is divided into two phase first phase is based upon study & design of HVAC system and second phase is based upon case studies & practical design of HVAC Systems

Piping Design-Online Course

One of the truly multidisciplinary subject is a piping Design. Piping Design plays important role in many engineering stream like in chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, metallurgical, instrumentation & control engineering. Students pursuing B.Tech/Diploma in chemical or mechanical engineering can join our Online or Distance training program which is based upon piping design and detail engineering. Our training program is integrated with Online Courses, comprehensive study material, Audio video tutorial, Power point presentation and industrial interaction with industrial visits. After competing our industrial training program candidate is awarded by certification in piping design engineering.

Electrical Design-Online Course

Electrical Design Engineering provide by Engineering Design & Power Training Institute (EDPTI) to enhance the skills of the student by giving him Industrial/Summer training on Electrical Design Engineering.

Electrical Design Engineering offers a systematic development of skills and knowledge in electrical design with the help of international standards and Codes, this course is developed by Engineering Design & Power Training Institute with the help of Association of Power & Design Engineers. This course is approved & Recognized by Association of Power & Design Engineers. This Certification course covers in depth training of electrical Design, including single line diagram, sub station layout, fault level calculation, cable selection, cable routing, voltage drop calculation, lighting design, distribution system design, power factor improvement, B.O.Q, project estimation, tendering and specification, project management, personality development, interview preparation etc.

Civil Structural Design Engineering

Anything constructed needs to be designed first. Structural Engineering deals with the analysis and design aspects required to ensure a safe, functional and economical end product. During the design process the designer may constantly interact with specialists such as architects and operational managers. Once the design is finalized, the implementation involves people to handle aspects such as statutory approvals, planning, quality assurance and material procurement. The entire exercise can be undertaken in a highly-coordinated way if everyone involves understands the terminology or ‘project language’. To understand this language fully, it is necessary to appreciate the principles of structural analysis and design.

Solar Power Plant Engineering

The Solar Power Plant modules as well as the cost of power generation system steep drop, provides a good opportunity for the universal application of photovoltaic power generation in India and large-scale development. It is predicted that: In the next few years, India will become the world’s largest photovoltaic applications markets in the world. “12th Five-Year” period, India’s total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation target raised to 15GW, has been built, under construction, as well as the increasing number of PV projects to be built. This will not only create more business opportunities and increase the number of employment opportunities. However, the photovoltaic industry struggling to find a high level of project planning, project design, project construction, project supervision and management personnel, and how to let beginners quickly master the previous years of accumulated experience, quickly became qualified people in the industry has been the goal of our training courses. In 2012, the installed capacity of the Golden Sun project approval reached 1.74GW, these projects reach the construction period, we will issue the invitation of experienced professionals to share with you the photovoltaic building construction and acceptance of the project.

Boiler & Plant Equipment Design & Engineering

This course incorporates study of major international codes and standards such as ASME, API, TEMA and IBR. This course is recommended for candidates aspiring to make their careers with Engineering Consultants, Fabrication Companies, EPC Contractors, and Project Engineering Companies, Process Engineering Courses.