ED cell provides a platform to all the students, who thrive to become entrepreneurs. ED cell acts as an incubator to society, developing future entrepreneurs. E-Cell, BNMIT is been recognized by AICTE and is been funded to develop the entrepreneurial talent among youth. It is been associated with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), AWAKE, FKCCI, MSME, and NEN.

ED Cell at SMSMPITR is committed to developing successful entrepreneurs by being a resource, guidance and motivation center through Innovation & creativity, Education & Research, and Community Engagement.

  • Create conducive atmosphere to motivate young students towards Entrepreneurship.
  • Develop necessary infrastructure and facilities to initiate venture start-ups
  • Integrate entrepreneurial resources like financial, infrastructural and government policy matters.
  • Creation of first generation entrepreneurs in a conducive environment where budding entrepreneurs can venture into start-ups and realize the path for a successful Entrepreneurship through the resources of EDC Cell.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset that can be developed by any student who aspires to become an employer. The increasing demand and recognition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for ensuring the welfare of the society and economic growth of an individual have motivated this great leap forward to promote the Entrepreneurship Development Cell. With proper motivation, Entrepreneurship can be inculcated into the minds of young professionals. Thus this Cell aims to foster Techno-entrepreneurship more systematically and comprehensively with a focus on incubating all feasible ventures through technology intervention.


The following are the major objectives,

  1. Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Incubation of technical projects/start-ups.
  3. Creating awareness about Transfer of Technology.
  4. Encouraging entrepreneurs to promote Small & Medium Enterprises.
  5. Commercialization of R&D products and processes.
  6. Helping towards marketing of Products & Processes.
Entrepreneurship club

In order to create Entrepreneurial ambience in the college premises, a constant and continuous perseverance is required. Formation of a Club with student and Staff members is under process. Sharing ideas, helping each other to make prototypes, collecting information jointly, conducting camps and help in promoting enterprises will be the major activities of the club.

Activities Students can run under an E-Cell:

  1. E-Talks
  2. Games
  3. Exercises
  4. Panel Discussions
  5. E Summits
  6. Competitions: 1)Idea Generation 2) Business Plan
  7. Startup Showcase
  8. Startup Jobs